Tuesday, October 30, 2018

 Terms and Conditions

1) Val Visits is a travel blog that I have created based off of my own personal experiences with travel. 
2) My content will strongly based on my opinion and do not represent any organizations that I may be affiliated with or may become affiliated with in the future.
3) Any information presented here is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but some mistakes and errors may still happen. 
4) The information contained on this blog is solely for entertainment purposes only. Nothing I publish should be taken in a different context than that stated above. If you do rely on my information as advice, it is to be at your own risk. 
5) I am not a professional traveler, so therefore the information and tips I provide are to be used at your own risk. These tips I provide have worked for me, but results may vary. Please consult with a professional travel consultant if you are looking for professional travel advice.
6)  I reserve the right to change how I manage my blog and the content at any time without notice.
7)  My aim with this blog is to help you guys to travel more and to inspire you if you're scared to make that next step. I just want to be clear that any readers understand these are simply my experiences and that things may work out differently for you.

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